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Thank you to everyone who has followed and supported this blog since January! It has been a steep learning curve getting to grips with the various platforms and managing my time efficiently to make sure I am as productive as possible. However, I am really enjoying this challenge and have recently moved to a self-hosted site with a brand new logo, too.

If you would like to keep following Rabbit Ideas, please do pop over and check out the site: http://www.rabbitideas.co.uk/

On the new homepage, there are buttons in the top right hand corner if you would like to connect on social media. Alternatively, if you prefer to keep in touch by email, please opt in for the free resource (again in the top right) and download a Pre-reading Letter Mat and Challenge Cards. This will mean that you are on the mailing list; I intend to send out a monthly round-up of blog posts and any new resources available.

Thank you for your support!