This summer we visited West Midlands Safari Park. As well as the safari experience; meeting a wide variety of real life animals, both Big and Little enjoyed visiting the new attraction: ‘Land of the Living Dinosaurs’.

Dinosaurs are a big hit around here, as is obvious from this post and we use this theme with a range of activities, so it was great to see some life-size, moving models. What was also good about the experience was the interactive nature of the walk-through:

There was chance to be a paleontologist:


To see what a triceratops’ horn might have felt like:


And compare the size of a stegosaurus’ brain to other creatures:


This all meant that Land of the Living Dinosaurs was really interactive and offered itself as a springboard for many further learning activities. We’re looking forward to using our photos from the trip to spark ideas for more exploration at home!

Land of the living dinosaurs

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