If I try to sit Little down and ‘Learn Letters’, it does not go down well. He is two, and that doesn’t sound like fun. So, here are five ways we have used this week to explore the letter G, with hands-on activities.

  • Using a peg board: I bought this peg board from Lidl for 2 or 3 pounds. Little is not at the stage yet of making the letter himself, but if I do it he will often start adding to the board, developing his fine-motor skills. Also, we talk about the letter as we are doing all of these activities, so he become more familiar with the sound.


  • Play dough: You can get printable mats online, which you can laminate and stick the playdoh to the letter shape. Here we just made the shape with our hands and stuck little wooden letters into it.


  • Mini sensory bin: The intention of this was again to develop fine motor skills through using the toddler tweezers to pick wooden letters from the rice. Little preferred to fish them out with his hands and invented a scooping/pouring game of his own.


  • Through a story: We have probably read ‘The Billy Goats Gruff’ 25 times this week. The story has lots of words beginning with the letter G in it: goats gruff, green grass, ‘Grrr’ went the Troll, etc. Every time we read it I emphasise the ‘g’ sound and Little lifts up his wooden letter to ‘match’ the sound we are making. We also made signs for ‘long curley horns’ which he loved repeating.


  • Painting: I drew around the wooden letter ‘g’ and we painted them with green paint.



Does all this work? It does for Little:

“Look mum, g-g-g!”



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