I posted last week about the rise in STEAM learning– combining Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths with the Arts. For this type of activity, we tend to rely heavily on the items in our ‘STEAM box’. Big and Little both enjoy STEAM play; Little obviously needs a lot of support at the moment, but his ideas are becoming more involved and complex all the time. Big likes being set a challenge, or indeed, finding his own from reading books or other ‘arts’ stimuli.

There are lots of things we have tried, but anything which involves catapulting, building a bridge, a mode of transport, fixing something or trapping a ‘baddy’ goes down well!

WP_20170516_09_07_41_Pro (1)
“I’ll huff and I’ll puff…”

5 STEAM ideas using classic fairy tales:

-Three Little Pigs- Build three houses from straw, sticks and bricks.

-Billy Goats Gruff- build a strong bridge/ a raft for the goats.

-Jack and the Beanstalk- design Jack a parachute/ make the Giant’s castle.

-Goldilocks and the three bears- design Goldilocks a bed/ fix the broken chair.

-Chicken Licken- Build a shelter in case the sky really does fall down.

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Making some home improvements…

As well as building the Three Little Pigs’ houses, this week we read Jack and The Beanstalk and designed a scene from the story ourselves:

Jack and the beanstalk

The hen which lays a golden egg is (obviously ;-)) teetering at the top of the beanstalk. Luckily, we have some trusty binoculars in the STEAM box to spy the chicken from the ground below. The challenge was how we could make a tall beanstalk which remained upright, using the materials we had. We managed it; by filling the tub with glass pebbles, the extra weight at the bottom balanced the height of the structure.

Which story would you like to explore through a STEAM activity? Please tweet me your ideas- I’d love to see them!

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