The importance of encouraging STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) activity in young children is widespread throughout early years thinking; numerous articles can easily be found on the subject, and especially how we can all encourage more girls to engage with STEM at an early age. There is a newer development in this field; the addition of the ‘Arts’, thus turning STEM into STEAM.

One of the aims of STEAM is to engage more ‘mathsy’ children in writing and reading, as well as encouraging those more disposed to creative subjects into the sciences, too. As I have posted about before, toddlers especially do not think in terms of rigid definitions between subjects, they move fluidly between disciplines, so STEAM fits much of their play already.


Here is a list of the 19 STEAM resources we have in our ‘STEAM box’, which we use to solve problems which we often find in books or when creating stories (more on this in a future post!)

1 Lolly sticks

2 Binoculars

3 Straws

4 Blue tack

5 Plastic hair bobbles

6 Dolly pegs

7 Clothes pegs

8 Luggage tags

9 Toddler Tweezers

10 Masking tape

11 Clips

12 Seed tray

13 Giant nuts and bolts

14 Notepad & pencil

15 Glass stones

16 Mini paint tray

17 Googly eyes

18 String

19 Mini bucket

Do you have a stash of problem-solving resources? Which useful items do your little ones always ‘need’?!

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