Fine motor activities are a brilliant way of developing muscles, hand-eye coordination and concentration span to prepare children for writing. This DIY activity is really easy to make and store to get out again and again!

Resources: Lolly sticks and Velcro- both can be found at haberdashery/craft shops or markets usually have them, too. Cost- £1- £2Finger Gym 1

All you need to do is cut a small circle of Velcro and glue one side (hooks) to one end of the lolly stick, and the other side (eyes) to the opposite side on the other end of the stick. This means that when they are joined together they will overlap and you won’t be able to see any Velcro.

These sticks are very useful for looking at shapes: making triangles, squares, rectangles, etc. by joining them together; great for early maths learning.Finger gym 2

This week, however, Little wanted to play his own game. As he is interested in his farm toys at the moment, he made fences for the animals. The velcro is sticky enough to give him a challenge (developing his muscles) but he can manage to do it himself which is great for his self-esteem and sense of achievement.WP_20170501_14_23_48_Pro

Have you ever made lolly sticks like this? What would your child create with them? Share your ideas in a comment below!

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