It is the middle of the Easter break here, so we have been out and about with the kids. In the school holidays, there seems to be a growing pressure to spend lots of money on activites to entertain children. However, there are usually some free or low-cost options close-ish to home, and these have kept us all busy and interested this week!

A few days ago, we went to visit a conservation project; Howsham Mill, and enjoyed a free Alphabet Easter Egg Hunt! This was a great activity as younger children could enjoy it as part of their letter learning, whilst the older ones had fun building words from the letters on the eggs they collected.


Living in quite a rural area, we’ve also been fortunate enough to visit a lovely friend’s farm this week, to meet some baby animals and help out with feeding time. This provided brilliant speaking and listening opportunities as Little’s vocabulary is growing fast!


Little’s discoveries this week:

-Bulls don’t make milk.

-Baby cows are called calves.

-Goats can climb up high!

Big’s discoveries this week:

-Lamb is spelt with a silent ‘b’ at the end.

-You need to round up the cows for milking time; but some of them come back themselves!

-Combine harvesters are VERY big!


Lots of churches also put on free family services, especially around Easter time. Messy Church sessions tend to be particularly child-friendly and accessible. This Pinterest board is full of Easter-related mark making and other interactive activities done there.

For anyone interested in books for looking at the story of Easter with their children, we have used both this Usborne sticker book and this board book to help them to better understand it.

A modern take on the classic ‘Easter Bonnet’.

Are there any budget-friendly Easter activities you have enjoyed this week? Please share in the comments below… HAPPY EASTER!


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