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Now that the sun is out, it is so much easier to get outdoors. This week, at our local Forest School, we had a go at a painting activity which was totally new to both of us; using muddy water and natural, hand-made paintbrushes.


Little loved this mark making activity, especially when combined with the role-play dinosaur set-up:


“This a Raa!”

I was struck by how easy and cheap this would be to try again at home, in the garden, park or woods, for ourselves.

When we first started going to Forest School, Little was more reluctant to get his hands mucky. He was also cautious when walking on stony, unpaved paths, in case he should fall. It has probably taken three sessions for him to grow in confidence, using sticks and other implements in increasingly resourceful ways to play, make marks and begin to solve challenges he faces in the outdoors.


Cost: The group costs £3 to go to, on a drop-in basis. For us, it is well worth the money, as access to the gardens, craft and activity materials, not to mention the hot chocolate (made in a kelly can!)  and biscuit, clearly cover that cost anyway.

Little loves this group, referred to as “My school!” and it has given us lots of new ideas for activities to enjoy for free, or low cost, out-of-doors.

With thanks to Little Woodland Explorers:

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