There is a lot of emphasis placed on the importance of children developing Fine Motor skills whilst they are toddlers. Part of the reason why these skills are so important is the link with being able to later use tools such as a knife and fork to eat with, and indeed, a pen to write with.

Most toddlers are naturally practicing their fine motor skills all day long; picking up objects, using things to make marks or indentations, gripping handles, working out how hard to pull, push and squeeze with their hands and fingers.

I’ve included here some budget- friendly activities with Little in action, working on squeezing; developing his muscles for future pen control, as well as other vital skills with his hands. Apologies for blurriness; they are action shots!

Squeezing marshmallows
Using sponges for painting
Letting him use squeezy bottles himself
Using tweezers to sort pom-poms

There are many other ways of encouraging toddlers to develop their squeezing muscles; an obvious one being work with Play-doh, I’ll do more on that in a future blog post.

Cost: Kid-friendly tweezers; £2 here. Pom-poms, sponges, paint and marshmallows can all be sourced cheaply and easily in pound shops or supermarkets.