Do you want to start introducing a toddler to letters but not sure how to do it in a fun way? A simple task for starting on a toddler’s letter recognition skills is by matching letters. This is a very versatile activity as it can be adapted to the child. You can reduce or increase the number of letters, work on those which are very familiar, add new ones to the mix, or make it more challenging by matching capital letters to their lower-case partners.

1) Sensory binp1020861

We used rice here to dig and find the wooden letters, you could try it with dried pasta, sand, soil or water.

2) Fewer letters- making CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) wordsp1030172

There are toys you can buy to do this activity, but home-made words and letters work just as well. Including a picture can help the child to link the object, written word and the spoken sound all together to help develop their language skills.

3) Using Chalkp1030238

As long as letters are reasonably clear, it does no harm for children to see handwritten letters and match them to printed or wooden/plastic ones. This way they can start to ‘read’ the letter, even if there are variations in the font. Chalk is also useful as this can easily be turned into a mark-making exercise as the toddler ‘helps’ you by adding to the letters, themselves!

Cost: Set of wooden letters; £1-£2 at pound shops or larger supermarkets- check the children’s crafts isle.